listening toefl problem

nama : muhamad ridwan
npm : 20209145
kelas : 3 eb 06 
1. listening problem
1). What problem does the student have?
 (A) He is confused about a recent lecture.
 (B) He failed a mid-term examination.
 (C) He missed last Tuesday’s class.
 (D) He is concerned about his grade.
2). Why does the professor say this: Remember what I said at the beginning of the term, the only bad question is the one that stays in your brain. Right?
 (A) He wants to test the student’s memory.
 (B) He wants to discourage the student from asking a question.
 (C) He is trying to make the student feel more comfortable.
 (D) He is attempting to intimidate the student.

3). According to the professor, what happens when tectonic plates collide?
 (A) They cause sea levels to rise all over the globe.
 (B) They alter the topography of the Earth.
 (C) They shrink the size of the continents.
 (D) They expand the breadth of the oceans.

4). Why does the professor mention the Red Sea?
 (A) To help explain an anecdote from Tuesday’s lecture.
 (B) To remind the student about a previous assignment.
 (C) To correct a mistake about tectonic-plate boundaries.
 (D) To give a practical example of tectonic plate action.

5). In the conversion, the professor mentions two types of boundaries for Tectonic plates. Indicate which of the following statements refer to divergent boundary.
 (A) Tectonic plates slide horizontally past each other.
 (B) One tectonic plate submerges beneath another.
 (C) Tectonic plate collision creates mountains.
 (D) Tectonic plate collision creates new Earth crust.
2. cara cepat menjawab toefl listening
Here I will give you tips on how to anticipate the Toefl listening test. Listening Comprehension Test consists of 50 questions, divided into three sections namelysection A = 30 questions, section B = 8 and the section about C = 12 matter. Listeningsection A in the form of dialogue or conversation between two people (the first person to ask and answer the second. Narrator will make inquiries based on the conversationsbetween the first and second. And all the questions Narrator only intended to answer thesecond. That means you should focus more on people’s answers second.
First question: do you have to listen to all the conversations of the first and second person? The answer may be – is okay, but more importantly who you should be able tocatch the second person answers.
The second question: Do you have to listen to all who answered the second sentence?The answer may be – is okay. But more importantly you should be able to catch one ofthe key words in answer to the second.
The third question: what is the key word? Keyword is meant here is a verb (verbs) and adjectives (adjective). Why are the adjectives and verbs used as keywords? Becauseyou are looking for is OTHERWISE / synonyms (words that have the same meaning)with the key words in answer to -2. 
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