soal toefl structure

1. ____________ a tree can be grown from a seedling.

        a. That is generally believed

         b. Believed generally is

         c. Generally believed it is

         d. It is generally believed that

2. The poverty level in the United State is currently set __________________.

          a. at 12,000 dollars or less.

          b. as 12,000 dollars or less.

          c. at 12,000 dollars as less

          d. at 12,000 dollar or less.

3. Woman: Pardon me. Do you know what time that this store opens? 
    Man: I do not, but I believe that it is written on the door. 
    Narrator: What does the man imply that the woman should do?

         a. Look on the door

         b. Open the door

         c. Ask someone else

          d. Come back later

4. Woman: I am going to buy Johnny a toy train for his birthday. 
    Man: Are you sure he’d like one? 
    Narrator: What does the man imply?

          a. Johnny loves toy trains

           b. Johnny already has too many toy trains

           c. Johnny said he wants a toy train

           d. Johnny may prefer something else

5. Man: I need some shampoo for my hair. 
    Woman: All of the shampoo is in the back of the store on the third shelf. 
    Narrator: What will the man probably do?

           a. Walk out of the store

            b. Buy the shampoo

             c. Come back later

            d. Go to another store

6. Man: Are you going to go to the University of Texas to get your Doctorate? 
    Woman: I don’t think so. 
    Man: Why, have you been accepted to any other schools? 
    Woman: Yes, I have received news of acceptance from LSU, University of 
    Tennessee, and Harvard. 
     Narrator: What are the speakers discussing?

             a. The University of Texas

             b. Schools with Doctorate programs

             c. Where the woman will go to school

            d. Who can get accepted to the most schools

7. Man: I’m really tired on studying for economics every weekend. 
    Woman: I hear you. 
     Narrator: What does the woman mean?

            a. She has excellent hearing

            b. She has heard the man talk about this frequently

            c. She understands his point of view

           d. She needs to have her ears checked


8. Pearl Buck, a

.           a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

            b.for Literature in 1938

           c.stroveto bring understanding and peace

           d.on everyone. 
9. In most circumstances

            a.the person that owns the property

            b.can claim the rights
   money made

            d.from drilling oil on their property. 
10. _______ chocolate will give you a tummy ache.

            a. Eat too much

            b. Eating to much

            c. Eating too much

            d. Eating too many

11. If she ____________ to advance her clock one hour, she wouldn’t have been late 
     for work.

             a. should have remembered

             b. could remembered

             c. remembered

             d. would have remembered

12. Man: How did the job interview go? 
     Woman: I could not have been more pleased. 
     Narrator: What does the woman mean?

             a. The interview went very well

             b. The woman did not like the interview

             c. The interview was cancelled

             d. The interview went terrible

13. Man: Do you mind if I turn on some music for a while? 
    Woman: No, I don’t mind. 
    Narrator: What does the woman mean?

           a. Music will not bother her

           b. She hates listening to music

            c. She wants to think harder

            d. She does not have any music

    In this part you will see several longer conversations and talks. You should answer each question       on the basis of what is stated or implied by the speakers in the conversation or talks. 
Narrator: Listen to a lecture by a biology instructor. 
Many people think of gorillas as dangerous killers. One reason for this is that 
television and movies often show these animals this way. But gorillas are really gentle animals. 
The gorilla is a vegetarian. It lives in the African rain forests where it finds the 
fruits and plants it needs to survive. A large, wild gorilla might eat over 40 pounds of 
leaves and fruit in one day. 
Unfortunately, these peaceful creatures are in danger of becoming extinct. Each 
year, large areas of the rain forests are being cut down. Because there is less and less food from these forests, the number of wild gorillas is becoming smaller and smaller. 
14. The passage describes gorillas as being:

       a. Dangerous killers

        b. Carnivores

        c. TV and movie stars

        d. Gentle animals

15. According to the passage, why are gorillas in danger?

          a. Because people keep hunting them.

          b. Because they eat too much.

          c. Because forests get too much rain.

          d. Because their food supply is being destroyed.

16. If something is becoming extinct, it is:

           a. Becoming lively.

            b. Dying out.

            c. Growing wild.

            d. Getting sick.

17. The repair shop

            a.keep my cassette player for six weeks before

            b.returning it,


   still does not work properly. 
18. To score a goal in soccer you ________.

         a. must kick the ball

          b. must kicks the ball

           c. may kick them ball

           d. must kick them balls

19. The observation deck at the Sears Tower _________ in Chicago.

          a. is highest than any other one

          b. is highest than any other one

          c. is higher than any other one 

          d. is higher that any other one

20. If it _________ so cloudy, we would plan on having the fair outside.

           a. was

           b. was not

           c. weren’t

           d. had not

21. At the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, Geraldine Ferraro 
      became the first woman _________ for the vice presidency.

           a. to being nominated

           b. to has been nominated

           c. to have been nominated

           d. to will be nominated

22 _______ was backed up for miles on the freeway

           a. Yesterday

           b. In the morning

           c. Traffic

           d. Cars

23. The packages ______ mailed at the post office will arrive Monday

           a. Have

           b. Were

           c. Them

           d. Just

24. __________,George, is attending the lecture

          a. Right now

          b. Happily

          c. Because of the time

          d. My Friends

25. The Eiffel Tower ___________ Paris, France.

        a. landmarks

       b. is landmarked in

       c. is a landmark in

       d. is in a landmark

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