soal toefl reading

A. Men: What is in that bag?

Women: Akumembeli some apples, peaches, pears and grapes.

Question: What is being said to her?

(A) Vegetables

(B) Fruits

(C) Meat

(D) The cakes

Answer: B

2. Women: Where are Joe and Nancy went honeymoon?

Men: They want pergike Puerto Rico, teteapi merekatersandung cost issue. Instead, they pergike St. Aughutine for one week.

Question: What diakatakan by the man on the newlyweds honeymoon?

(A) They do not punyauang untukberbulan honey

(B) They went to Puerto Rico

(C) They went to St. Petersburg. Augustine

(D) They are planning to go to Puerto Rico.

Answer: C

3. Women: ye them know that “hot dogs” did not come from the United States but from Jerma?

Men: Yes. In fact, such foods are also already in Finland. The material of reindeer meat.

Question: Which among the responses berikutyang NOT true about the “hot dog”?

(A) Hot dog pertaman kaliberasal dariJerman

(B) Hot dogs are from the United

(C) Some of the hot dog made of meat rusakutub

(D) Even sepertiFinlandia countries also have similar types of foods that are hot dog

Answer: B

4. Woman: You might as well just relax for a few days

Man: I have no time to relax.

Question: What problems are faced by men

(A) The work is too simple that he did not feel enthusiastic

(B) He does not have waktuuntuk bersandai

(C) vehicle tires deflated.

(D) He is not possessed nothing else to do

Answer: B

5. Men: Tiffany was able to walk, but Stephanie has not been

Female: Tiffany born first instead of Stephanie.

Question: What does this say about her Tiffanie and Steffanie?

(A) Tiffany’s mother Steffanie.

(B) Tiffany and stephanie are two sisters

(C) Tiffani older than Stephanie

(D) Tiffany younger than Steffanie

Answer: C

6. Men: I’ll take my car into town for repair.

Women: Think carefully about how much it cost.

Question: What advice her to the man?

(A) To find out how long the car repair

(B) To search for other handyman service.

(C) To find out approximately how much it cost to repair.

(D) To fix the car itself.

Java tires: C

7. Women: Why Professor Nelson’s mad at Jane?

Men: Should Jane last night working on his paper, but he even watch TV

Question: What does this say about the man that Jane?

(A) He does not even work on paper and watch TV

(B) He does not watch TV last night because it had to make paper.

(C) He made the papers while watching TV

(D) He is currently making a script for a TV show

Answer: A

8. Men: Franklin aiming to deer and stapled.

Woman: What a great photo!

Question: What was said the two men?

(A) Franklin admired the beauty of the deer through his bedroom window.

(B) Franklin closed door meetings

(C) Franklin thy shooting deer rifle.

(D) Franklin shooting deer

Answer D

9. Woman: I need to finish my paper before the day of the week

Men: If I were you, the paper will kuketikkan in rental.

Question: What is the advice of the man to the woman?

(A) Immediately mulaimengetiknya.

(B) Telling someone else to type makalahitu

(C) Changing the subject

(D) Looking for rental to other typing

Answer: B

10. Man: I heard Yolanda met Anna in the city last week.

Women: For many months I did not see them both

Question: What is said by these men?

(A) Yolanda Anna hit and injured.

(B) Yolanda must quickly went to town last week

(C) Yolanda went to town for training exercise

(D) Yolanda Anna accidentally met in the city of unexpected

Answer: D

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